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Mr.Katta Balaji Babu


It is a well–known fact that the quality of education greatly impacts the calibre of an individual in managing the corporate houses as well as the global economy. Education for the young Indian citizen has to be the best and bench marked on global standards. Thus, educating young minds in today’s complex and competitive world is the most challenging task for the educational institutions. VVIS is a dream realised in a huge, eco-friendly environment in sync with modern architecture and technologies. This provides a learning environment and the ambience for the all-round development of the children. At VVIS, we intend to provide world class education right from Pre Nursery School level to the High School, professional and educational qualification. We are committed to transform the young students to adopt the dynamics of global education. VVIS also encourages self-development and sports apart from education.

Dr.Rajeshwari Dattatri


Education is not a preparation for life. Education is life itself. -John Dewey
A crucial factor for success has always been excellence whether it is academics, art or sports. We want our children to pursue Excellence, Aim high and Dream big. In our quest towards providing holistic education and an all-round development, it is our constant endeavor to provide opportunities to students for divergent thinking, originality and experimentation. Students at VVIS are encouraged to take initiatives and explore new vistas .We hold hands and help our students through their journey till they reach their goal. We at VVIS transform Ability into Proficiency.

Mrs.Geetha Subramanian

Head Mistress

Education is a life long process and hence the teacher and the taught need to be on a platform of constant learning and exploring the wonders of life together which helps in bonding. Education should train students to think independently, critically and creatively, and inculcate personal worth, dignity and self sufficiency. VVIS constantly works to achieve this.